Homeowner Education

CAI-Georgia values our homeowner leaders and offers a variety of resources to help homeowners and community association leaders. These resources are designed to encourage effective, enlightened leadership and responsible, engaged citizenship. Our objective is to inspire community associations to become better—even preferred—places to call home.

CAI-Georgia has over 200 homeowner leaders and offers a few homeowner leader specific classes! For the first time ever, the Education Committee is hosting a Homeowner Leader Roundtable event. This is for brand new members and homeowner leaders that want to improve how their board is run! The event will include a short mock board meeting and have experts from multiple fields to help answer all your questions! We will host them in different areas of Georgia to accommodate all of our HOAs!

We also offer an annual Homeowner Leader Development Workshop which will be held in March. Whether you live in a condominium, homeowners association (HOA) or other type of community, this class highlights what every board member and property manager needs to know to serve your community effectively.  its association, including budgeting and insurance. This workshop consists of six modules: governing documents and roles and responsibilities, communications, meeting and volunteerism, fundamentals of financial management, association rules and conflict resolution and risk control and insurance. Each module will be taught by leading experts in the field and includes a toolkit to help guide your board!

Our business partners also offer classes to homeowner and condominium association board members throughout the year.

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"Valuing Volunteers: Creating Positive Volunteer Experiences"

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